Friday, September 20, 2013

where have I been?

I am so glad you ask! Is been awhile, and I apologize for the prolonged silence. I have anticipated updating on the progress of business, Lucy (my vintage trailer) and life, I'm just a little late.
Delay aside, I can report that its is all going ever bit what I dreamed it could be. There is so much to share, and it will take some time, but Its time I got around to it....
The last several months have been a tailspin, the summer a blur. At my last post, my camper insides were near completion and the exterior a horizon to be explored. We took to the job, and to our delight, the outside, went smoother than the crazy lengthy and delicate process of the interior. We finished the majority of the curb appeal, aside from the finishing silver lining to be painted at the edge meeting the two shades of color. Also, her name Lucy and my website info, will eventually be added. From December until April this year, we encountered some setbacks, broken hearts, and unchartered waters. My dad, in all his wisdom, talent, and hard work, is the creative genius behind this entire process, project, experience, I am so thankful for his dedication. together, we accomplished the total recovery of Lucy, in about 8 months time.
The arduous endeavor has paid off. The last four months, I have been trailblazing the Texas roads, to take my vintage clothing shop closer to those who love a little vintage.
My constant is the Canton market, first Monday weekends. As life permits, I am sprinkling, in fun, relative shows around the state, that I have been invited to, or have found it dire to be part of.
I gonna get better about the updates, and with that I leave some photos of the last several months. Included are shots of shows, people, setups.  love to all who continue to dance out this party with me.


Friday, December 14, 2012


just as promised, here are a few progress shots of Lucy. she will become my mobile vintage clothing shop upon completion, to be used at first monday trade days, and various festivals. as you can see she was a forgotten diamond in the rough. or in a diamond in a country field.
 just a brief back story...I had been casually searching for a vintage teardrop trailer for several months, the style and age I was drawn to happen to be the most sought after of the vintage trailer world. searching the Internet I would find a couple across the US, not a nice local selection ( here in TEXAS) and not just to mention the location, but going prices where a pretty large chunk of  change... part of me started to give in to the idea, that a 70s model trailer would have to suffice, something more common and closer to a practical price point. even so, that I made arrangements to check out one that my cousin had for sale, and needed very little work.
I believe it was pure fate and happenstance working together, when I came across a craigslist posting for Lucy on my way out of the city to visit my parents for the weekend. a 1952 Hawthorne California teardrop traveleer. at first glance, I was smitten, the listing photos were scary, but the bones, the potential, and the coolest part of all she was only 1.45 hours away from my parents home!!!... 
We were not at my parents an hour before I shared the listing with my dad and on the phone to arrange to see "the trailer" the next day.
the folks on the other end of the line, some of the kindest people ever, i hung up the phone with a happy happy hunch, I knew she was mine.
 after careful inspection that sunny day in the field were she sat so lonely for to long... plans to pay and have her delivered were handled, with a shake of a hand,  and dad, andy and I were back in the truck for the drive home when restoration/idea overload set in. the moment I laid eyes on her, the name Lucy just hit me- her full name is Lucy in the sky with diamonds, aka Lucy Raye. Raye being the shared name of my dad and I , and as a tribute to the labor of love, and the blood, sweat and tears..( literally) shared over the beautiful course of this project/dream endeavor.  
i have discovered so much over the process of this ongoing restoration, about myself, about the pursuit of dreams, big or small.  a profound understanding that what once was beautiful and admired, could be so again. Much like the clothes I will be selling from Lucy's re-imagined potential, clothes that were once discarded or damaged, while with some love and belief,
vintage clothing that no inspired piece of today can hold a candle to.
its funny, the lessons i am learning, much to do with keeping the course, believing in the outcome, and working diligently to get there, along with fervent trust in Gods timing.   
working, talking, creating, and believing beside my dad has been a gift, and one i will never forget. from him i have learned a great deal about patience, pride, perfectionism, and possibility. the process itself is one that I honestly underestimated, (and were not done yet). at first perception I thought a little sanding, some paint, new floors and tlc and she will be ready to roll... uhh no,  she would be the personal stamp of my fathers, therefore a result of his perfectionism and the level of his background in classic restoration. It has been his expertise, perfectionism and complete love for me and my dream, that makes me so proud to call him my dad, and my lead man on this.
I am beyond gratefull for the amount of work, time, and accuracy my dad has poured into our mutual labor of love, thanks dad, I love you, more than I could ever say.
 Lucy has come a long way, she is set to be painted inside and out, with finishing touches completed soon after. I will be back with those photos soon. The plan is to to selling to the public and sharing the treasure of this 60 year old stunner in the upcoming months! thrilled to my toes. xo-

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


thats been life. I have been on the road, traveling to the country (my parents home) every couple of weeks to work (complete renovation) on LUCY, my 52 teardrop trailer. a post all her own is on the way. the progress has been incredible, and I have my dad and husband to thank for that. the weekends at my parents have been so special and I am so blessed to have their help during the time of this very dear project. here are a few shots over the past months, both at home and visting with them at their country home. xo

Monday, September 17, 2012

historic montgomery wine and music fest 2012

great location and a generous amount of space!

the jewelry pieces were a hit!

where I spent time off my much as possible

as like most, the show was alot of work, but such a fun time, and lovely people!  a big thanks to each and every customer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a little beach.

school starts next week, though we have traveled the summer away, we packed up and took off for several days down on the coast. from where we live, it takes exactly one hour, so why not? it was the perfect way to hold on to the summer a few more days. my first day ever as a sahm began the first day of summer and makena is 10, it been a unforgettable time together, i feel like the luckiest mama in the world.  mostly, we played away the days on the beach. pleasure pier in Galveston was recently finished, and is just spectacular, really...walking the pier over the water, hearing the laughter all around, the fragrance, the air, just a nostalgic vibe, a day brimmed full of smiles, and memories will always have. a trip to treasure. xo