Friday, September 20, 2013

where have I been?

I am so glad you ask! Is been awhile, and I apologize for the prolonged silence. I have anticipated updating on the progress of business, Lucy (my vintage trailer) and life, I'm just a little late.
Delay aside, I can report that its is all going ever bit what I dreamed it could be. There is so much to share, and it will take some time, but Its time I got around to it....
The last several months have been a tailspin, the summer a blur. At my last post, my camper insides were near completion and the exterior a horizon to be explored. We took to the job, and to our delight, the outside, went smoother than the crazy lengthy and delicate process of the interior. We finished the majority of the curb appeal, aside from the finishing silver lining to be painted at the edge meeting the two shades of color. Also, her name Lucy and my website info, will eventually be added. From December until April this year, we encountered some setbacks, broken hearts, and unchartered waters. My dad, in all his wisdom, talent, and hard work, is the creative genius behind this entire process, project, experience, I am so thankful for his dedication. together, we accomplished the total recovery of Lucy, in about 8 months time.
The arduous endeavor has paid off. The last four months, I have been trailblazing the Texas roads, to take my vintage clothing shop closer to those who love a little vintage.
My constant is the Canton market, first Monday weekends. As life permits, I am sprinkling, in fun, relative shows around the state, that I have been invited to, or have found it dire to be part of.
I gonna get better about the updates, and with that I leave some photos of the last several months. Included are shots of shows, people, setups.  love to all who continue to dance out this party with me.


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