Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a change

....will do you good.

are at least that's what I am discovering as I venture down the new road I have chosen. for over a year at least... I have pondered, pondered the dream, of leaving my full time (day) job to be home with Makena and Stella, my girls, with the opportunity to chase my vintage selling dreams wherever they may take me.

I am three weeks in and I have to say that words I cannot find, its a substantial happiness born of  complete gratefulness. I was not sure if it would come like a whirlwind, the transition, or what to expect exactly. I have never been a work from home or stay at home mom, and the oldest is 10.

The last year or so however, I have just really felt that the change was one I was made to make. I am fortunate that the door opened for me both by the grace of the good Lords hand, and the love of a understanding and well providing husband. For me, there was finally some acceptance that the timing would never be completely clear or written in the sky with Gods signature. I just began to feel more than ever that though I was working for a ministry and serving God, he was silently letting me know that he had a different ministry for me and it was okay. after months of debate in my heart, I discovered that what I wanted most could no longer be denied,  a change. the change that comes from making a decision that is based on faith, and peace of mind.  the place I most wanted to be was with my sweet girls, pursing my vintage business and discovering all the in between, that I was born to do.

Lets, just say its been nonstop so far, and the sunshine filled summer days of life with my girls have been a incredible trade off  and a total refresher to the quite, sun escaped walls, of the office life.

 I will forever be better for the last five years I have spent in my previous position, and forever grateful to have served God in such capacity alongside such wonderful people. Working in my position to serve children on Gods behalf is a gift that I will treasure and always consider one my greatest callings.

There is a greater role now that I  am serving in, a real gift I have been given.  Its a role where I still serve children on Gods behalf, but as a mother, my first and most important purpose, its here a flood of gratitude finds its way over me everyday.

So here goes to long summer days filled with sunshine, picnics, being ask for 100 Popsicle's a day, and all that comes with the beautiful adventures of mommy hood!
..and the thrill that,
Being at home is allowing me to pursue my shop a hippy heart vintage with greater zeal, and energy.
The sky IS THE LIMIT in my heart. as things take shape, I am planning to expand to a monthly spot at first Monday trades day in Canton, Texas, one of the largest flea markets in the world! My dad is restoring vintage bicycles like crazy, and were playing over the concept of a combined business. So my mind is busy and my soul sparking off happy energy as it should, at last!

thank you to my friends and family, for your love, & dreaming along with me.



  1. I am so happy for you and your family! You can do it! I hope to be there with when I can to help you chase your dream. I love you guys and I know there are great things in store for the hudsons!

  2. OHMYGOSH. So I found you through Casey Weigand, and I'm so glad I did!!!! I love love your blog!! <3

    I'm a vintage loving person so I'm DYING.. DYING looking through your shop!!!