Monday, November 21, 2011

i am blank...

thanks to casey for her post at the wiegands, I was inspired to open up to the blanks in my life..

I am weird because...

I like to listen to NPR instead of regular music stations.
I think the world stops when I have something in my eye.
I have a hysterical laugh- much like a horse, I am pretty sure I embarrass my family often.
I am afraid bugs and if I see a cockroach- I freak like its a alligator.
I  have phobia of left overs, public bathrooms, and buffets .
I love to eat my yogurt and oatmeal mixed together.

I am a bad friend because...

I never return phonecalls...
I am a homebody.
I am forgetful.
I am bad at writing thank you cards.

I am a good friend because...

I pray for those I love.
I want all my friends to succeed and be happy.
I know how important it is to be a good listener.
I am trustworthy.
I encourage whole heartedly.

I am sad because...

I can never accomplish all that I wish I could.
I know right now there are children suffering all over the world.
I am slacking at the gym. and have gained a couple of pounds.
I want to travel more.... all over.
I need to finish college.

I am happy because...

My marriage is getting stronger every day.
I have started praying more and more.
My kids are healthy and intelligent.
Even when I cant always see it my life is blessing others.
We are having our own Thanksgiving this year, its are first time, as grown ups. :)

I am excited for...

christmas decorating.
a hippy heart growing
Date Nights.
Family Snuggle time.
Baby kisses.
old records and hot tea on chilly nights
A New Year