Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Vintage for this heart has been an ever enduring love affair. As a young girl, I loved to dress astray from the norm, my fashion love paired with my old soul steered me to the racks of thrift stores and digging through the boxes of local grandma yard sales. At the time, I just dressed the way I wanted happily in my own world. It has not always been popular even when its always been stylish..so I like to say I was vintage when vintage wasnt cool, yes like the country song. somewhere along the way the trend picked up and the idea made sense to share my passion of vintage with the other lovers like me.

There is a assured sentience of passion, adventure and nostalgia in vintage. It's the excitement of the pursuit, and wearing something perfectly distinctive from the crowd...Vintage also connects us to the ever enduring fashion of the past, that the recreations of today could never hold a candle to. I am also modivated knowing that by wearing the "real thing" means to reutilize, less in the landfills, contently leaving us stylishly responsible and indebted for fashion that rocks way beyond its age. Our customer is the modern young lady whose style spans over decades of fashion combined with individual ingenuity. The mutual love and respect for ageless fashion and style shared with my customers is my passion at a hippy heart, and its with this intergrity, I find lost treasures, and give them new life, with a heart like mine.

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