Monday, January 2, 2012

the magic dress

I have this crazy story I wanted to share.... so I found this amazing vintage dress at the find market last month via another vendor. the dress was more than I wanted to pay, and had a stain, but inside I wrestled with the desire I felt to own this little beauty, however I decided to go with my gut and pass it up. As only FATE would have it, I found the same one of a kind ( or so I thought) dress a few days later in a old thrift store just smashed to all get out, and waiting for momma. I could not believe it, and this one had a jacket to go right along with it, and soooooo affordable. A couple of days after that i saw the dress on pinterest, you can find me here a hippy heart and check it out. The dress is on a little girl, which is funny, because the guy I almost bought it from warned me that it was very small and most girls who tried it on could not wear it. Well you can bet your happy heart, that I squeezed in and just as I knew as I did at first sight, it was a magic dress. I just love when life gives you those kinda happenings. Apparently, this little dress was pretty popular in its hay day, and that is just fine, I am keeping it, I just cant sale it knowing in came into my life, not me into its, and of course it will go to my girls. I finally got a chance to take some photos of this very special dress, minus the jacket ( ahh no)it is just purrfect without it.

on another note, I have been hit and miss on this blog, I am hoping to get better at posting more often. like most of you working out my very small amount of extra time, can be exhausting in itself. But... here's to the new year, and how amazing I believe it will be, I am excited to see my business take its wings, straight from my heart out into the world. cheers!