Tuesday, January 31, 2012

blog swap gift exchange :)

As part of a new years challange I joined a blog gift swap,  a super cool little experimental idea via Casey Weigand and her lovely blog.  A creative idea where bloggers are paried up who have never met to get to one another, and share a care package based on the tidbits of  shared personal details. I felt lucky and happy to be was paired  up with another Texas girl, Chelsea from Austin, her blog is super cool and inspirational you can find it here. I learned that besides both being Texas girls she loves turquoise, and Jesus! Having Chelsea as my blog gift swap friend was great, she is very sweet and gives her life to serve other as called by Christ to do so, I hold it a privilege and honor to have met ( via web) Chelsea and to have her as a friend. Knowing just a tid bit about me, my life and my somewhat vague description of what I like, she was spot on in her sweet gift sent my way. Honestly all I really went on about were a couple of things, I love the color turquoise, vintage,  and owls also, that I have two little girlys. So, without further ado, I share the photos of her oh so perfect choices for someone (me)  she has never met. My favorite of all a  absoultley killer vintage turquoise belt that I cannot WAIT to wear, a gorgeous long ( the way I like them) chain owl necklace, a white hair flower clip that I am modeling below. She was also thoughtful enough to include my girls, and send along some cupcake scratch and sniff stickers ( which by the way are stuck on every surface in my home now, thanks Chelsea ;) So this was a really fun thing to be apart of and I would love to participate again. Its a fun spin on the pin pal bit, but so much cooler! I feel a bit terrible, my gift will probley make it too Austin after the deadline, but I promise I tried! Thank you Chelsea, with all my heart, thank you!



  1. You're so cute! Glad you liked everything :D

    P.S. I normally don't like blogs with music... but every time I pull this up I like whatever song is on. Awesome taste!

  2. What trendy & cute items that she sent you! And how sweet of her to include stickers for your kids. :)

    We had so much fun participating in the swap & we've loved finding new blogs! We're now happy to be following yours!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Thanks ladies, I will check out your blog, when it comes to the kitchen I really need all the help I can get ;)...it was super a super fun swap thanks for the follow.

  4. love the belt and necklace! very cuuute! :)

  5. Jayme & Mendi (they commented above) were my bloggie partners for this gift exchange! I loved participating!! I'm your newest follower. :)


  6. awe, i've always wanted to do a blog swap gift exchange. are there anymore anytime soon?