Wednesday, November 16, 2011

how its going...

neglect is seriously a understatement when it comes to the treatment of this blog. I have spent more time here at my family blog  but I have not forgotten about this dear space. its actually a good thing, as i have been busier than ever at my store . over the past months i have sponsored a couple of my favorite blogs, dear baby and the wiegands. this has led to alot of new traffic, and some growth that fills me to my toes with happy. both of these blogs, are so lovely and the dear woman behind them truly the cream of the crop to me in this giant blog world. So anyhow, I am lining up details to be showcased if you will, at the find underground fashion market, you can learn more about it here. there is alot to prepare for and my nerves tend to carry me away when I am super stoked about something, so I need your prayers! Here is a look at a few of my clothing tags, I created out of old family snapshots. yes, i am the fat baby in these pics with my papa, he clearly wanted a boy, hence the photo with my Beatles hair cut and no shirt, which seems to be the theme in alot of those old photos with me as a child. Another favorite, is my dad hanging out in my "crib" with me, its so funny I do this with Stella alot and my husband thinks I am a little cookoo. oh well,  I never let what people "think" keep me from squeezing all the zany joy out of each day.
for all of those who continue to support me, my dream, and my Idiosyncratic charm,.....
 love love love love love!

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