Thursday, July 28, 2011

and so it begins :)

my heart is bursting with happiness. I don’t have a real explanation just faith “cause you got have it”-thank you George Michael. It’s just I have this sensation that something incredible is coming my way, enough so to feel a bit joyous about it. This lovely blog here will be the other side of my website (that will make its debut sometime late September) and that feels forever away, but I see it on the horizon –deep breath. A website that will be my main platform for my business selling vintage clothing, accessories, and hand made items. For the time at hand I have and will continue to use etsy as my online store, my website is linked directly to it. It’s been a suitable place to start, but I know I am ready to spread my wings a bit further and feel the breeze at new heights.

And its here I plan to share my heart about what is really near and dear to me. I have had a lifelong love affair with vintage clothing and all its components (shoes. belts. hats) and here it has brought me- to this comma, what is behind it  is yet to be appreciated, but I know I will- so I cannot end this post on a period but on a comma because there is so much coming I have yet to see..

thank you to all my friends and family who show  your loving confidence and support in me. I am forever grateful...

peace, love and comma,


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